Making your artbook look more expensive (than it really is!)

In my daily conversations with clients, I often find myself saying: “this makes the book present itself as more expensive.” Expensive-looking, in haute couture art book production, is a desired quality. It means your customers are willing to pay a premium for your book. I will never advise you to buy a budget-busting upsell. I have found several high-end features that cost a lot less than the value they add to your book project. Here is a partial list that I use often in delivering high quality book printing to my valued customers:


Hard cover

A hard cover binding is the most obvious example of a moderate increase in investment with a large return.

Page dimensions

It is not always true that a larger page size adds proportional value to a book. I am now producing small books (7”x 9” and smaller) that are truly exquisite. However, if your art demands a large-scale presentation, it is good to explore larger sizes. Ask us to address  different sizes in your proposal. You may be surprised to learn that a larger page size does not always translate into a larger budget!

Printed endsheets

Plain white endsheets are the quintessential of boringness. In contrast, black endsheets say: “timeless elegance”. We can match any Pantone color to compliment the book design. Most often we print a solid color wash, but you can print any pattern or halftone. Simulating marbled endpaper can be very effective in both traditional and modern layout.

Ribbon marker

Allow your collectors to enjoy the art in your book over several sittings to avoid sensory overload! Markers are available in many colors. Ribbon markers are probably the most overlooked option in artbooks but for the low investment of $.12 – $.15 a wonderful addition.

Transparent fly sheet

A transparent flysheet immediately says: This book is deluxe! Usually placed between the endsheet and page 1 of the interior, a flysheet can be blank or printed in one, two or four colors. If carefully designed, a flysheet can elevate the design to a whole new level.

French flaps and french folds

French folds (hardcover jacket) and French flaps (soft cover) add a distinct touch of quality and care to a cover or jacket at a very reasonable cost.

Please visit our portfolio to see examples of these options. If you have ideas not listed here, please contact us!

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