A Delicate Balance

A Delicate Balance

Producing art books is our business and our passion. For our typical client, art is their passion, but it is also their business.

“A delicate balance” is probably what best describes our approach to a new project. On one hand, our clients demand that their book reflects the unique beauty of their art. Just as it is near impossible to put a rational price tag on art, a great art book entails infinitely more than ink and paper. On the other hand, as connoisseurs of the art of bookmaking, our priority must be to find the absolute highest value for each dollar invested. Before we present a budget, each enhancement is carefully discussed, quoted and cataloged to make an educated, tight budget for a wise investment.

An art book publisher who is strictly shopping for the cheapest price is generally not a good match for ArtBook Printing. Yet, our clients have to be secure in knowing we have found the very best price for each ingredient in their book.

From the graphic designers to the managing director, everyone at ArtBook Printing thoroughly understands print manufacturing. We are masters at sourcing premium quality at the lowest price and we always contract direct with manufacturers who have proven to meet our standards.

As the talent of a fine artist blossoms and their skills mature, the demand on their tools naturally increase. Only specific brands of quality brushes, paints and canvasses are allowed in their studio. At ArtBook Printing, it is no different. We have identified certain papers and processes that meet the needs of the most judicious clients, both from a quality and cost perspective. We create value by combining these quality materials with manufacturing efficiencies to give us a distinct cost advantage.

Significant purchasing power, skillful selection of available resources and a truly artistic approach greatly benefit our clients, but there is no room for shortcuts or compromise when it comes to the art of producing an art book.

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