We are not a publisher, but we can assist you to be one.

We have tools that can help you publish like the pros AND keep all the profits yourself.

We are here to help you succeed by managing the production of your project and assisting you as much or as little as you see fit. From concept to design and through fulfillment, you maintain control over all decisions.


If you have market aspirations for your book, buy your own ISBN (International Standard Book Number) and create your own publishing company.

You will also need a barcode for retailers to be able to scan when selling or if sold online, for tracking purposes.

We can assist you with your ISBN registration and barcode. Please contact our pre-press department.

Useful Links

ISBN Application Process

Library of Congress for Publishers
Services and resources for the publishing community

Unites States Copyright Office
Copyright your work


To make your book appealing to readers and to gain a following it needs to be professional and without errors. We offer the following services or suggest that you hire a professional to help you develop and finalize your content.

Critiquing – The title of your book and the way the content is formatted matters more than most people realize. For example, your book should be easy to find in a search on Amazon and Google. It should come up in the first couple of search results. Unfortunately, many authors make the mistake of using a title that has too many other products associated it with it–and it gets buried in search results.

Editing – You have spent countless hours refining your artistry, however a professional editor has honed his/her skills specifically in use of language. We contract with several top-notch editors. These editors work on their own time so the savings is passed on to you rather than having a high end publishing house’s rates.

Indexing – Indexing can be time consuming but is an asset to your publication. This allows readers to access information easily.

Proofreading – A second set of eyes on your text, whether a full manuscript or titles and sizes of artwork is always recommended. Its easy to miss a misspelled word or incorrect punctuation when you are familiar with your text.


To get you started, we offer custom designed promotional material that helps you to create a brand and will help you spread the word about your book. Self-publishers tend to get caught up in the project and fail to plan how to sell the books once completed. Be pro-active with a supplemental kit that includes both printed pieces as well as digital media to market your book both off and online. Use to promote at gallery openings, book signings, direct mail campaigns and press kits as well as increase your visibility online.

Marketing Kit – $995.00
Includes design, proofs and printing

Printed Materials:

1000 Bookmarks – 2” x 8”, Full Color both sides plus UV coating on 16 pt stock.
1000 Postcards – 5” x 7”, Full Color both sides plus UV coating on 16 pt stock.
5 Posters – 18” x 24”, Full Color plus UV coating on archival photo paper.

Digital Media:

1 Simple website with personal url
1 Email blast templates

We also offer additional services ala carte, call for details:

  • iPad publishing and conversion
  • Blog implementation
  • Order fulfillment