Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you guarantee high quality?

A: With your investment in print is secure and your satisfaction is guaranteed. We have procured outstanding printing for many years in the USA, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore and China. Our partner plants operate the most advanced equipment and their employees receive extensive training. Quality control is our foremost concern. Reproduction of artwork is not an exact science. While every attempt is made to match the original art as closely as possible, some variation in color reproduction and some loss of details is to be expected. We will not proceed with a project until you fully understand and agree to the limitations of art reproduction.

Q: What is the typical turnaround time?

A: If time allows, our books are manufactured in East Asia. We handle all import issues. No action of any kind is required on your part. The quotation we offer includes to-your-door delivery. Sometimes delays are caused and costs are incurred due to US Customs inspections. This is beyond our control and charges will be the responsibility of the final customer. We manage ocean freight, custom clearance and land-bridge transportation. You should expect a schedule that looks something like this:

Design and proofs: 3-4 weeks
Proofing: 2 weeks
Print and bind: 3 weeks
Ocean freight and land-bridge: 4-5 weeks

At times we have also airlifted copies for trade shows or other special occasions. While it takes only 4-5 days to receive an air shipment, it is very expensive and should be avoided if possible.

Q: What are the payment terms?

A: We require a 50% down payment with each order. Upon completion of the project, we will forward three copies to your office for inspection. If the work meets your approval, we invoice you for the balance. Upon receipt of your payment the shipping documents are released and the project begins its journey to your final destination. Some import fees may be incurred that are not anticipated and these will be charged separately. Printed matter is imported into the US duty-free.

Q: With this up-front payment, how can I trust you will deliver?

A: We have been in business since 1984 and have operated internationally since 1992. Our continued success in business can be attributed to our integrity and desire for excellence.

Q: Do you accept credit cards?

A: Yes, we do accept all major credit cards. A 4% service charge wil be added to your invoice.

Q: Who owns the art files after the project is completed?

A: All design and artwork belongs to the customer as soon as all invoices are paid in full. We store a back-up copy of any files created in our studio. If you want all relevant digital files on a CD or DVD, a $25.00 per disc fee wil apply.

Q: Do you print other products besides art books and catalog?

A:Yes, we can produce many products, such as:

Greeting cards
Children’s books
Die-cut board books
CD and DVD replication
Bibles (i.e., very thin paper)

Q: What happens if the value of the currency changes between quote and order?

A: Quotations are subject to change due to changes in material and labor cost as well as currency fluctuations. However, once the Sales Agreement is signed, we lock in the price and preclude further price fluctuations if the pre-press materials are received within 30 days of this date.

Q: Are the workers treated fairly in your printing plants?

A: Yes, we have personally inspected our partner plants for employee safety and well-being .

Q: What digital file formats are used internationally?

A: Clean and complete digital files are essential to successful international printing. Our office in Grand Rapids, MI houses a full-service design and file management agency. We even have a digital photo studio in-house. We can receive digital files from virtually any program. Pre-flighting files is always included in your quoted base price.