Why publish a book?

To own an original work is a privilege you can extend to only one admirer of that work.  You can offer a limited edition giclée print or a casting to a select few.  But creating a book will allow you to offer a collection of your finest work to a larger audience.  A book is an exhibition that can be visited and enjoyed over and over again.

We admit it… we love print! No other medium allows for truthful representation of art images like top-quality offset printing.  But there is so much more to a book than accurate color reproduction. Archival-quality coated paper, meticulously sewn signatures, foil stamping, delicate fabrics… The wonderful three-dimensionality of such a book is an unspoken testament of the artist it represents.

Art books and catalogues are our business and our passion.  For our clients, art is their passion, but also a business.

Most of our clients have an audience that will absorb at least 300 copies of their book. Most of our artists are represented by galleries and have collectors.  While there are exceptions, there is no real commercial feasibility for print runs under 300 copies.

Our clients tell us that creating their art book has become one of the defining moments in their careers.  Live and enjoy every moment of it.