Organizing your art book for design and printing

Now that your time has come to print the best quality art book…Consider this:  the design and printing of a coffee table book about your art is not unlike hanging a gallery. The sequence of the art, the story you want to tell… organizing your art book for design and printing involves many decisions only you can make!

Carefully organizing your art book for design and printing; deciding how your art and your thoughts will fill the pages before you begin your journey with, is critical. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Which pieces should I feature and why should I exclude others?
  • What is my message in just one clear statement?
  • What moved collectors to purchase my art (over all other art out there)?
  • What will entice someone to purchase and then display my book in such a prime spot in his/her home or office?

I have visited many ateliers and photo studios. In some, every brush and every tool is immaculately arranged. But in others… it seems only the residing artist can decipher the clutter! If you can identify with the latter, you probably have a bit of extra work ahead!

 An example of a well-organized plan to design and printing a luxury coffee table book.

A great example of a client understanding the importance of organizing their book for design and printing resulted in Circle of Life, by Daniel and Charmaine Myburg. The Myburgs take clients from all over the world on African safaris to shoot wildlife… not with a gun, but with a camera!  The wilderness of Botswana is one of the last places on earth where lions, elephants and rhinos still live in their natural habitat. The images, captured with the latest telephoto lens technology, are truly breathtaking. Deeply aware that this paradise is rapidly losing ground to human greed, Charmaine’s profound poetry complements the images. Together, they created a book that displays beauty, but also rattles the consciousness. I am grateful for the opportunity to design and be the printer of this amazingly luxurious photo art book.

Daniel came to us with his vision clearly laid out and his images carefully selected, properly named and organized. Indeed, he sent us an Excel spreadsheet showing how the images were to be placed on each page spread and with accompanying captions. The various articles and the poetry came in a Word document. The message was compelling and clearly organized.

It is our desire to use the budget for design and print of your art book, not on wasting time figuring out what image belongs with what text

Organizing your art book for design and printing can be a painstaking process. Surely, things are never cut in stone during this initial design phase of the project, but spending a few extra hours on organizing your thoughts is well worth the effort. Together we can produce a coffee table book that will define your artistry for decades to come!