Printing a hard cover art book… it’s nothing like making a wedding or baby album!

When people contact me about printing a coffee table style art book, they typically have already visited the websites of several online (digital) book services. They already understand two things:

1/ these services are much too expensive and

2/ their project is well beyond what a “printer” of wedding albums or baby picture books can deliver!

Accurate color reproduction, quality binding materials and of course the finest quality printing are what they are interested in. They want to print a “real” coffee table book!

How much does it cost to print a hard cover art book?

This question naturally comes up in any initial conversation I have with a new client and it should! Very few clients have unlimited budgets (but I have had a few who did!)

Rather than offering a cookie cutter pricelist (that’s often more confusing than helpful), we start by listening

We want you to tell us: What is your objective? What is your message? What is the nature of your original work? Who is your typical customer/collector? Where is your market? In what price range does your art sell? What can you sell a book about your art for? What is your dream scenario?

Together we find the ideal ingredients to design and print your art book

At this initial conversation, we do not expect you to know exactly what your book will ultimately look like. We do know that your art, your story and your message are unique! We welcome exploring multiple sizes, quantities and embellishments that may enhance the presentation and increase the value of your book.
We believe that an art book should be a reflection of the art and artist it represents.

Then we prepare a custom quotation

With your information, we prepare a budget for a custom book, often with several a la carte options.

A custom quotation takes a few days, but it is comprehensive

Yes, we will ask you for a little patience while we explore the options. But it will be worth it. Need I say that quotations are always free of cost and obligations?

Our clients tell us the prices are surprisingly attractive

In our category, the key to making the best quality printing and binding of art books most affordable is this: we buy premium grade paper and binding materials in bulk for extreme efficiency, and take advantage of lower off-shore print and binding cost. It is a proven successful formula.

It is still helpful to get an immediate idea of what it costs to print a top quality coffee table art book

So, while there are many reasons why we do not offer a pricelist for printing a real coffee table book, we can give you a pretty good idea immediately of what the investment may look like.
We will share with you what other clients have paid for their project. That will give you an idea of what a book in your general parameters will cost. We can do this while on the phone with you.

At we not only promise to make a unique and superb book for you, we also promise to make the best book your budget allows.

I look forward to your call!

My personal phone number is on the bottom of every page on our website. I cherish every opportunity to talk about art book printing. Please get in touch soon!