Diversity in art: From coffee table books to exhibition catalogs

While we are increasingly “famous” for producing large, complex, coffee table books, we love to do small exhibition catalogs.

Art Book Printing.com’s “elevator speech” is simple: “we are the finest design studio and art book printer in the world”. We are becoming increasingly famous for producing large, complex, coffee table books unlike anything you may have seen.

How much does it cost to print a high quality art book?

This is a very difficult question to answer of course. Often I can only answer it with a question: “How many books can your market absorb easily?” What can you sell a book about your art for?” “What is the available investment/funding?” Most of the coffee table books we print sell in the $30 – $75.00 per copy range retail. And indeed, we have printed a few coffee table books that retail for over $1,000 per copy.  To publish a coffee table book of exceptional quality is very seldom an impulse buy. Often months, sometimes years, go into preparing the book before it is even ready to go to the designer. Most of our clients have spoken with several printers and designers before they decide we are the best match for their needs. Budgets very widely but our first task is to develop a plan to get you the most for each dollar you invest. We welcome any inquiry and we listen carefully to your needs and desires. Unlike other art book printers, we want to be much more than a vendor, we will become your partner.

White glove service

Whatever the budget, our clients understand they are buying the very best. We understand that a client who decides on the very best also expects the very best service and commitment from us. It is not always easy, but we love the challenges inherent in these relationships. Just as our production staff literally wears white silk gloves when they handle the books for jacketing and shipping, we treat our clients with “silk gloves” in anything they ask for. If humanly possible, we do not disappoint our clients. You will not only get high quality book printing from us, you will also get the best service.

Short run exhibition catalogs

While we take pride in the superstars in our portfolio, What you may not realize it that Art Book Printing. com can also assist you with items that you may just give away at your exhibition or use as a marketing piece to promote your exhibition or workshop. With the advent of the latest digital presses, specifically the Kodak NexPress, we are now comfortable offering exhibition catalogs that are truly affordable for most artists and galleries, AND that are not far from offset printing quality. High quality art book printing is now accessible for a wider range of customers. Marc Scheff is an upcoming artist in the fantasy genre who contacted us. He needed a catalog to offer to his growing fan base at a retail price of under $20.00. He also needed it quickly for an upcoming show. We explored several different formats for Marc and settled on a wonderful soft cover catalog in an edition of just 200 copies. As a bonus, the catalog includes a fold-out print of one of his pieces that he autographs at the shows he attends. It is not a large book, but a beautiful professional presentation that is in high demand. I recommend you take a look at this catalog and get a copy before they are all gone: Click here. Relative to our typical work, Marc’s exhibition catalog is a small project. A small art book or catalog deserves and receives the same service as the 11″ x 14″ coffee table books for a large institution.

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