If You Provide Print-Ready Files

You may have an acquaintance who is a book designer. In order to make sure his/her digital files meet our requirements, please share the information below with your designer. We gladly consult with your designer to assure the project meets our specifications when the files are uploaded.

We prefer PDF files for the text pages and native files for the cover or dustjacket. We can accept files in Indesign® and QuarkXPress®. Files must be packaged with fonts and images.

For reproduction in print, images must be 300dpi at 100% of reproduction size. If you photograph original artwork, using a professional photographer is a wise investment. Images must be GraCol CMYK color space.

If you have transparencies or color prints, professional scanning is highly recommended. Tabletop scanners cannot “see” the optimum color spectrum, which may lead to disappointing results.

You may expect a full color proof and a pagination proof before we print. If you do not fully trust your monitor, we can run test color proofs before we output the entire book. Color editing is available in our studio (not included in the base price).