Design conceptualization is highly personal and artistic. The page make-up (layout) of a book, on the other hand, follows a specific recipe that requires certain ingredients before we can begin.

You have expectations that we will not compromise the quality and that we adhere to our budget.  You expect us to give the project 100% of our talent and devotion.

In order to do this,  we have certain expectations of you before we can start working on your project.

We expect you to provide all text in a Word document, with a hard copy that has comments, captions and headlines marked in the margin.

You need to indicate where you want images placed and mark captions and comments for each image.

We expect you to have copyright permission on the featured works.  We expect you to obtain permission if you intend to use song lyrics, poetry and other material that may be copyrighted.

We highly recommend that you pursue comments and endorsement from your peers and art critics.

We expect you to secure an ISBN number (we can assist you).

Most importantly, we expect you to decide which artworks are most suitable for this particular publication.

Then, when all the ingredients are in place,
we can engage in the joy of collaborating on the book layout