The bold art of America Martin required a large coffee table book. ArtBookPrinting can produce books as large or small as you can conceive

Our award-winning design studio is located in Grand Rapids, MI. We can assist you in every phase of design and layout as well as consult you on substrate and binding material selection.

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In our design studio, everything we do recognizes that you and your art are unique to the world.  A book representing your art cannot be designed using a cookie-cutter template.  Each book we produce is a collaboration between a discerning artist, a professional graphic designer and a craftsman printer with state-of-the-art printing and binding equipment. connects with artists remotely. You can view your layout as it is created.  It literally allows you to guide your designer’s hand.  You will talk one-on-one with your designer during this process, no matter where you are located.


The focus of our design is to complement your art, not compete with it! Designing your art book is not unlike hanging an exhibition. But your ‘art book gallery’ will allow you to control much more than the sequence of the works, the color of the walls, the framing and the lighting. You control every dimension of the space…

A three-dimensional object

Designing a high-quality coffee table book involves much more than creating an attractive page layout. Both visible and invisible “ingredients” all work in harmony to enhance the reader experience.  The design and layout must translate into a book… a three-dimensional object!  Therefore each element requires careful design consideration.

Our art book designers must be able to envision how color and finish of fabric and foil, likewise the treatment of the end sheets and headbands, all harmoniously collaborate to complement the art and the page design.

This is the experience you may expect at

Guaranteed file compatibility

If your book is designed in our studio, you are assured the files will meet production specifications. That helps to keep the project on schedule and within budget.

Providing Print-Ready files

Some of our clients already work with a book designer. We are glad to assist and we make several publications available to assist your designer to meet our production specifications.