“So I need to design and print an art book or exhibition art catalog. Where do I start?”

If you do not have a relationship with a trustworthy printer capable of printing hard cover full color books and you do not have a friend who is a professional graphic designer, you probably Googled “print an art book” or “coffee table book printer” or “high quality hard cover book printer” and you found us. We are so glad you did!

 Learning the art of printing an art book

When they first contacted us, many of our new clients did not have any experience in the world of book publishing. You are not alone! As part of our mandate to be “The Best Printer of Coffee Table Art Books in the World”, we have made it our priority to make this challenging project rewarding, educational…and fun! And yes, along the way, you will become very educated in the art of producing a coffee table book or art catalog.

Preparing a budget for a coffee table book project

On the ArtBookPrinting.com menu bar, you will find a Request for Quotation form that is simple to fill out. Strange as it may sound in 2015…We also welcome your phone call! We love talking books and we love to listen to your ideas and share our vast knowledge. To speak directly with someone who can answer all your calls is literally just a call away.

 Getting a quotation for the printing of an art book or gallery catalog

Based on this communication, we prepare a quotation. Every quotation is custom prepared and takes a few days to get to you. If you are looking for a very general idea, we can look in our database while you are on the phone with us.

 A sample book

Our online portfolio has many good photos, but we also want you to see a live sample. We send it to you at no charge.

 Getting started with ArtBookPrinting.com

When the investment seems attractive and the quality of the sample is exactly what you hoped your book would look and feel like…what’s the next step?

Starting the Journey Together

To assure the end result exceeds all your expectations, we follow a delicate yet clearly marked trail. Our art book production process is spelled out in our document Starting the Journey Together (details for designers). This interactive PDF’s will answer many questions and help you avoid unexpected cost increases and disappointing results.

We want your financial investment in a coffee table book to be sound and secure. Since 2010, ArtBookPrinting.com is part of InnerWorkings (inwk.com; NASDAQ:inwk), the largest print management conglomerate in the world.

Off to a Good Start; the Fine Print

Financial stability also demands that we execute a proper working agreement with you. This does involve some paperwork and we appreciate your patience and cooperation getting this in place before we start the journey. Please request the PDF titled Off to a Good Start; the Fine Print (of a legally and financially sound investment in an art book project).

 Please request a copy of these free documents. And of course, never be afraid to ask questions. Creating a high quality coffee table book has many complexities. Even after hundreds of books…we still admit to not having all the answers. But working together, we can achieve an unprecedented level of excellence.