Selected Institutions

Big Ten Conference, IL
Bone Creek Museum of Agricultural Art
Card Wildlife Center at Ferris State University
Chicago Bears Football Club, IL
Children’s Hospital of Alabama
Dartmouth College – Office of Advancement
Erie Art Museum
Gilmore Car Museum
Holocaust Memorial Center – Zekelman Family Campus
Huntington Museum of Art
Meadows Museum at Southern Methodist University
University of California, Berkeley Campus
San Diego Space and Air Museum
State of Nebraska

Individual Artists (sampling)

Barbara Nechis, CA
Craig Blietz
Barnett Suskind, New York, NY
Joel Schoon Tanis, MI
Leroy Campbell, GA
Erin Hanson, SanDiego, CA
Ian Paul Morrison, IL
Bryan White, Denver, CO
Sylvia Moss, New York, NY
America Martin, Los Angeles, CA
Rebecca Guay
Marc Scheff
Mallory Page, New Orleans, LA
Keith Rocco, Edinburgh, VA
Richard Smith
Robert Crofut
Adam France

Selected Art Galleries | Artist Representatives

Eaton Art Gallery, West Palm Peach, FL
Capstick-Dale Galleries, New York, NY
Cutter & Cutter Fine Art, St. Augustine, FL
Rivera & Rivera, Los Angeles, CA

Selected Fine Art Publishers

Antique Japanese Dolls, LLC, GA
Branning Publishing Group, SC
Military History Press, Chicago, IL
Crimson Press, Chicago, IL
Tradition Studios, Edinburgh, VA
Heron Dance Art StudioThe Souther Group
Triad Art GroupLombardy Studios, Oakland, CA
Al Manahil, Riyadh, SA


Selected Photographers

Sam Peck, Escondido, CA
Chicago Pet Project, IL
CocoMoni, Havana, Cuba
Daniel Myburg, Botswana, Africa
Carlos Coco Moni, Miami, FL
Matt Mills, MO
William Fields, MO
Bruce Herman, Mexico
Cheyne Walls, CA
Michel Sabourin, FL
Paul Rossi


“The experience with has been nothing but excellent. They took my manuscript and my paintings and arranged them in such a personal unique way that I am proud to have my name associated it.  I highly recommend their work and their work ethic.  It has been wonderful working with them.” 

Richard Hedgecock – Artist

“We thank you all so much for all of your help. WE LOVE THE BOOKS! You did such a grerat job for us. Wamest wishes”

Erin Hanson – Artist

“Wow. That’s all I have to say. Wow. Wow.  I love it. Some of the best, most beautiful color reproduction I have ever seen!”

Kevin Siembieda, Publisher of Palladium Books

“The team at beautifully integrated subtle and consistent design elements that further reinforced the artistic message of the artwork and upheld a quality that one would expect from a museum publication.”

Amanda Mobley Guenther – Curator – Bone Creek Museum of Agrarian Art

“The catalog looks absolutely fabulous. It really did turn out well … in fact beyond my wildest imaginings!”

Margaret Mary Layn –  Executive Director – Huntington Museum of Art

“You guys were a dream to work with!”

Sarah Yost – Head of Workflow + Production

“The CEO and the benefacting physician are ecstatic about the book!”

Garland Stansell, APR – CCO – Children’s Hospital of Alabama

“Hi! I have [the advance copy] and I LOVE it. I cannot believe how beautiful it came out.
Missy really helped get them delivered. The books look beautiful. I cannot wait to start showing them off.”

Mallory Page – Artist

“I have received the advance copy. They say you can’t judge a book by its cover but after handling this book for a while I am convinced that they will BUY it for its cover. It is amazing. Thanks again for all your hard work. Thanks for such an incredible product.”

Bryan White – Art Photographer – 3D Nitescapes

“Garnette was moved to tears upon viewing the Haven calendar PDF.  Guys, you captured what we had in mind… NO you went far beyond what we had conceptualized! Thank you for achieving a design that supersedes all that have gone before in this series of calendars.”

Art and Garnette Black – Art Photographers

“From my initial meeting to the last minute design changes, my interaction with everyone at your Grand Rapids office has been wonderful. I am also extremely impressed with the final product. The colors, paper, coating, binding and cover quality all exceeded my expectations.

Furthermore, I have never received a book shipment with such care taken in the packaging. The cartons were extra thick corrugated and the pallets were covered with edge protectors and wood on top of each pallet. Not a single book was damaged in transit all the way from China. May the Lord continue to bless your business!”

Bruce Malone – Executive Director – Search for the Truth

They’re perfect! I appreciate the way you worked with me  – a new customer with a small order- in getting it out quickly. I am working on another book. This will be a larger order, without a rush!

Paul E. Yoder

We know it was a “big, bad” project, but you folks did a wonderful job of working with us and coordinating the whole thing. The final product is very good, especially considering all of the pain it went through to get to this stage.

John Hartzler

“The catalogues arrived JUST in time for the speeches at our reception!  It could not have been a more “picture perfect” ending to this catalogue’s story.

I’m sorry I didn’t call, but it has been a VERY busy evening and I was putting out a few other “fires” associated with opening night.  I just got home and had to email and say thank you.  The books look wonderful (one box was opened and I kept one of the “US customs inspected” books for memories!).  Everyone was impressed and they flew out of the book shop.  Already two Etruscan professors have mentioned they are making it their next textbook.

Thank you again for everything, the Meadows is extremely grateful, Wishing you a wonderful weekend, Mine certainly is now that we have the books!”

Bridget Marx – Meadows Museum

“Rebecca’s book is a work of art. You did an incredible job!

Marc Scheff – Artist

“My Book is about my art, but it also IS a work of art!”

President – The Souther Group

“It is indeed a beautiful book. I am totally impressed with it and satisfied in every way”

Stanley Brubaker- Author

“The copies arrived about 30 minutes ago and Jane and I patiently waited for Joe to come to our office before opening the box. (I must say it was a bit like Christmas). All we can say is..WOOHOO! It is everything we expected and more. It is truly a beautiful book. We couldn’t be more pleased. Thank you for everything!”

Sherri Holt – Community Hospitals of Northern Indiana

“All I can say is WOW!”

Gil Dellinger, PSA – Artist

“I just received my advance copies. I am speechless…”

Keith Rocco – America’s premier historical artist

“I just got home and had to email and say thank you. The books look wonderful. Everyone was impressed.

Thank you again for everything, the Meadows is extremely grateful”

Bridget Marx – Meadows Museum at Texas A&M

“All in all, although I expected no less, everyone here was “blown away!” The whole project came together very, very well and we are all extremely pleased. Our thanks to you and the team for a great job!”

Craig Kibler – Editor – Presbyterian Lay Committee

“We just received the advanced copy and it looks amazing. Really, so beautiful. You guys do the best work. It goes without saying: yes, approved, move forward, finish this baby up. Thank you both for all of your hard work, your patience, and for guiding us through this process. The love and care is reflected in the book itself and for that, we are so grateful!”

Lisa Bechtold– Studio Manager – America Martin Fine Art

“I am most happy”

David O’Lyon – Gilmore Car Museum

“The books look fabulous. Thanks so much  for all your help and all the great work of the master printers in China. Everybody was so pleased and amazed. They (Dartmouth College) are now totally confident that you will do a great job with the Black book as well (I never had any doubt!)”

Leslie Roque– Dartmouth College

“I want to thank you for all your help in laying out the book, art work suggestions, correcting all our mistakes and doing all you could to make this book a reality. Tiffany was wonderful to work with. I hear so many positive comments about the beauty of the book. I think we were a little overwhelmed with all the details that needed to be addressed. We were delighted with all your suggestions and with the services you provided. Should anyone ask, we would be at your door immediately. Thank you again for all your help in this project.”

Tillie Lamain – Christian School Association

“Rinck, we are all thrilled and very grateful to you. Thanks again!”

Barb, Leslie, Goyo and the team (at Dartmouth College)

“Thank you for making our catalog printing such a pleasant task. Eveyone is very easy to work with and very helpful!”

Sadie Mae Stoltzfus

“Hey guys – just saying again how much I LOVE  the books. I’ve been recommending you as well – people have been asking!”

Rebecca Guay- Artist

I must say, you have come up with a winner! It is more than I could have imagined when we first began talking about the concept with you. They are simple and dignified with a classic look and feel. Thank you for an outstanding job.

Dr. John W, Burkett

All in all, although you and I expected no less, everyone here was “blown away!” The whole project came together very, very well and we are all extremely pleased. Our thanks to you and the team for a great job as always

Craig M. Kibler