But your ‘art book gallery’
 will allow you to control much more than the sequence of the works, the color of the walls, the framing and the lighting. You control every dimensions of the space…This is the experience you may expect at Our award-winning design studio is located in Grand Rapids, MI. We can assist you in every phase of design, layout, photography and image enhancement. If your book is designed in our studio, you are assured the files will meet production specifications. That helps to keep the project on schedule and within budget.


A book representing your art cannot be made using a cookie-cutter template.  Each book we produce is a collaboration between a discerning artist, a professional graphic designer and a craftsman printer with state-of-the-art printing and binding equipment. connects with artists via DESIGNLIVE™, a service that allows you to view your layout, as it is created, via a closed internet connection.  It literally allows you to guide your designer’s hand.  You will talk one-on-one with your designer during this process, no matter where you are located.


Image file requirements

High-resolution digital TIFF, JPG or EPS files, typically 30MB or larger, will work best. If you are an artist whose only record of older art is a 35mm slide, 4 x 5, or 8 x 10 transparency, we can accommodate that. Scanning to a hi-res digital file costs a bit more, but you will also get a digital file for your own records.

Please clearly name and the images (title, medium, dimensions, etc.). Names like “IMG_0023” does not help us identify an image. Of course with the name, please indicate the relevant placement in the text.

Original artwork that is not yet archived

Original artwork should always be professionally photographed. 

GIF, PNG or other files downloaded from the internet cannot be used for print.

Image editing

We have many tools to enhance and edit images. This service is not included in your base price. Cost will be quoted before we begin. Note: We do not edit/enhance or even crop supplied images unless specifically instructed.

For offset printing, images have to be converted to CMYK color modeYou can supply RGB images or RAW capture files, but note that color may shift slightly when converted to CMYK.

If you edit/enhance your images in Photoshop®, please be aware of the out-of-gamut warning. If an adjustment (saturation, brightness/hue or others) causes that small triangle to show next to the swatch, you have pushed the color out of gamut. This may look great in RGB (monitor) color, but it will cause disappointment when you convert to CMYK.


Text must be provided in digital form. A Word™ document or RTF file will work best. If you are not able to provide digital text, we offer typesetting services at additional cost.

Please have your document proofread before submitting. We do not proofread text or make any changes to your document unless requested. If you wish to have your document proofread we can arrange for a professional copy editor. Please ask about this service if you are unsure.

“Road Map”

We do not believe in cookie-cutter design templates, but we do require a guide or “Road Map” for our designer. The map indicates what text goes where and which image(s)  accompany(ies) that text.

The Process of Many Proofs

During the layout process you will receive digital proofs (PDF).  First of the concept and “look and feel” of the design and then as pages are built. You will  have an opportunity to make edits and we will send you additional digital proofs. Editorial changes after the second proof may constitute additional charges. Changes at the time of print-ready color proofs are discouraged due to high cost and  project delays. Please refer to our article about proofing in the blog section of the site.

Return of original materials

Please let us know in writing that you want original materials and media returned to you upon completion of the project. We back up all files, whether generated by us or provided. However, we do not guarantee storage beyond 90 days from completion of your project and we do not return media unless requested.

Naturally, we want to spend your design budget on the design of your book instead of chasing up on missing parts and unclear instructions. Please feel comfortable that all information is as complete as possible before we get engaged.