SOFTWARE PreMedia Group utilizes a Mac OS X operating system.


Acceptable programs:

InDesign,  Illustrator, Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat (PDF).


Please inform your Sales Representative before sending:

Any Microsoft program, Corel Draw or Pagemaker. These file types are subject to approval and may require additional billable time to process. Whenever possible, please create PDFs to submit for any of these programs.





• RGB images must be converted to CMYK.

• Only use SPOT colors if you have a one or two color project, or are adding additional

colors to your full color project.

• MAKE SURE ALL COLORS ARE CORRECT – use the same color names in all files for

correct separation.

Image Resolution:

• 300 dpi or higher – keep in mind that pixel-based images will lose resolution when their

size is increased. Any images taken from the web will reproduce poorly.



• Bold and Italic – ensure that your printer font has these styles built in before using, do not

use bold/italic from your program’s style menu.

• Send all font files associated with the fonts you are using (i.e., all screen and printer font




• Set up artwork in a page layout program (QuarkXPress or InDesign) whenever possible.

• Set up files to size – please ask for specifications, spine width, etc. if not sure.

• Include at least 1/8” bleed.



• We prefer PDF files as it ensures that fonts do not reflow.

• PDF files: must be correct size, embed all fonts, output correct colors, and include crop

marks. Please keep in mind we cannot make alterations to PDF files. If your project bleeds

off the page, be sure to include at least 0.125” bleeds.

• Send all files being used – fonts, graphics, etc. – commands such as “Collect for Output”

(QuarkXPress) and “Package” (InDesign) gather all links and fonts.

• You may send files via email (if less than 10mb) or through our FTP site.

• Make sure to “stuff ” or “zip” your files to avoid corruption during file transfer.

• Avoid extensive file names and file names with spaces as they are often unreadable.

• Duotones and Monotones “embedded” in Illustrator will translate as CMYK images


Please Note:

• Please feel free to contact the PreMedia department at with any questions.

• Incorrect files will delay your production and will incur additional costs.