Why trust ArtBookPrinting.com with your original art, ideas and finances

At Art Book Printing.com, we assemble a team of experts and equipment capabilities to fit your art book’s specific budget and production requirements. This is what we call “haute couture” art book printing.

“I am so glad I found you! Now I can finally produce the art book I have dreamed about for so many years!”

Today, when books are published, the production team is mostly anonymous. Seldom is anyone other than the editor and cover designer recognized. And the printer? I cannot remember the last time I saw the name of the printer listed on the copyright page. Back in the glory days of book printing, each book was clearly marked by the craftsmen printers who produced it. A quality printer added prestige to a book. Today, paper and printing are considered commodities not worth mentioning. But if you are looking for the best source to make your vision of your art book a reality, the quest can be challenging to say the least. There are many printers who offer their services online and there are many brokers and agents who offer the lure of “china price”. The challenge becomes even greater when you are not sure how to select the best paper for art book printing, how to achieve the best color reproduction or what binding option is best for your project. So who can you trust your art, ideas and finances to? When you explore Art Book Printing.com, you soon learn that our approach is much different from traditional book printers.

The evolution of a full service art book printer

I started my career in working in sales for a medium-sized commercial print shop in Grand Rapids, MI. Fresh out of college, I literally went door-to-door asking for any print job to quote on! I would be thrilled whenever I would find an audience. I would rush a quote request back to the shop, only to be disappointed to learn that my company was unable to efficiently produce the fast majority of these opportunities. In the three years I worked there, this frustration led to the conviction that I had to find a better way to offer printing services. Instead of somehow trying to fit the customer’s needs into the mold defined by our equipment’s capabilities, I had to come up with a vastly different approach. The answer was surprisingly simple. Why not really understand the needs of the customer and then assemble the production team and manufacturing capabilities around this need? Why not represent a group of manufacturers who complement each other? I started a company called Grand Rapids Print Systems, Inc., in my garage. It grew into one of the largest independent print sales organizations in Michigan (The company was sold to global brand management giant InnerWorkings in 2010).

Full service art book printing at a whole new level

ArtBookPrinting.com takes this same concept to a whole new level. The vast majority of my time working with a client is spent analyzing the unique requirements of each project. We carefully assemble the team of experts and equipment capabilities around these requirements. The team is seldom the same because each project is different. I feel it is very important that our client gets to know every member of the team he/she works with during production, even though they seldom meet in person. Each time we “team up” with a client, we know we offer the best art book design and printing service for the client’s project.

Art Book Printing.com core is a small studio but it is owned by a large publicly traded company called InnerWorkings (INWK). This provides extra security for your investment. This is especially important for clients who find us via a Google search.

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Publishing Awards and Financial Rewards – Client Success Stories

As an art book printer, it is a great honor when prestigious organizations recognize us for exceptional work. Out of respect for our clients, we do not submit work we have done for them for design and print awards. However, when our clients walk away with top honors at publisher events and trade shows we love to share their success.

When clients tell us (…and others!) that we are the Best Art Book Printing Service

With all the joyful benefits I receive daily as an art book printer, there is no greater award we can get than when I receive an email like this from Los Angeles-based artist America Martin:

“Hello magical book makers!!

The long awaited books have come
they are just lovely
thank you SO MUCH
for all of your teams attention to detail
for your care
and patience
dealing with wild
and eccentric artist and company
i continue to refer people to you and your company
i wish you all the best as this year closes
and beautiful wishes
of the new year
and no more storms
big best”


Thank you America Martin and Lisa Bechtold and THANK YOU for the signed lithograph. It will have a special place in my office forever. Purchase America Martin art book at this web store

Awards and Rewards!

Here are some of our clients design and printing awards our books have earned with our art book printer services. Bone Creek Museum of Agrarian Art received top honors in the Mountain-Plains Museum Association in the books and exhibition catalogues category for Dale Nichols: Transcending Regionalism. This coffee table book was written by the museum’s curator, Amanda Mobley Guenther, and designed and printed at Art Book Printing .com. The Curve Report is not so much an art book, but in all aspects worthy of a spot on the coffee table! It is designed and produced by Archrival, one of the country’s most prominent youth marketing agencies. This complex project won a gold Addy award at the state level (Nebraska). We worked with Sarah Yost, Head of Workflow at Archrival and designer Zach Ubbelohde, who also worked with us in the pressroom. One of our partners in Asia submitted On Campaign in the Age of Napoleon, one in a series of the books designed and produced at Art Book Printing .com for a print technical award at the Asia Print Awards and earned first place in hard cover book categories. Not all coffee table books winning design and printing awards are oversize museum publications. A wonderful small book called Art & Inspiration, published by The Souther Group and designed and produced here at ArtBookPrinting.com, was a finalist in the 2014 National Indie Excellence Awards. (“Your book truly embodies the excellence that this award was created to celebrate, and we salute you and your fine work.”). But it does not stop here! Art & Inspiration also was a category finalist in the 2014 Eric Hoffer Book Awards.

Financial success with an art book is also a coveted reward

Magnolias, Porches and Sweet Tea by Pat Branning

The mother-son team of Pat and Andrew Branning selected Art Book Printing.com to print their exceedingly successful book Magnolias, Porches and Sweet Tea

Of course, it is great when our clients have financial success due to our art book printing service.  Andrew Branning of Branning Publishing shared some exciting news with us. Magnolias, Porches and Sweet Tea was picked up by Cracker Barrel Stores which resulted in a wonderful reprint order. Congratulations, Andrew!

These design and printing awards and the financial success is a wonderful feeling for everyone involved! If you submit books for recognition, please let us know. Are you ready for your own success story?

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