Unusual art book printing project: high pressure in the pressroom

It’s great that you are working with Rinck as his team is unmatched in their attention to detail, eye for quality and focus on execution.  I am very confident some of the historical challenges you’ve experienced won’t continue under Rinck.  We look forward to continuing to support you work achieving great results together.

(From Ryan Cox to Rod MacIver, president of Heron Dance Art Studios. Mr. Cox is Senior Vice President of Global Procurement at Innerworkings, ArtBookPrinting’s parent company.)

We were thrilled to learn that Heron Dance Art Studios selected ArtBookPrinting.com to produce a collection of 30 large wildlife paintings in watercolors and acrylics. These delicate prints are wrapped in a die-cut sleeve that is then fitted into a custom hard-shell case. With a signed edition set demanding a $1,200.00 price tag, there is zero tolerance for even the minutest flaws. The artist had many collectors anxiously waiting to purchase the set, so pressure was on to produce the work quickly. There would be no time to print in Asia.

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