Those marvelous marbled end papers

End papers (also called end sheets or end leafs) are the leaves at the front and back of a hard cover book. They are pasted to the inside of the cover boards and the first leaf of the interior to secure the binding.

At we believe printed endpapers to be the finishing touch of a coffee table book. We include it in the base price. You can select any color that compliments the book. Read more

Chanel™ to the rescue

Books produced by are printed on a premium grade archival-quality coated paper (matte or gloss). This paper is designed to carry a heavy load of ink for the best possible reproduction of art in vivid colors. Miniscule dots of ink remain nice and round and lay on top of the smooth coated surface; they do not soak into the paper, where they would become uneven and dull.

Textbooks, on the other hand, are printed on uncoated paper. Free of glare, this soft surface is designed to be easy on the eyes for prolonged reading of small type.

But, what if you need both?

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