Producing an Art Book: The Delicate Balance

“My book… it is all about my art, but it also is a work of art!”

Producing art books is our business and our passion. For our typical client, art is their passion, but it is also their business.

“A delicate balance” is probably what best describes our approach to a new project. On one hand, our clients demand that their book reflects the unique beauty of their art. Just as it is near impossible to put a rational price tag on art, a great art book entails infinitely more than ink and paper. On the other hand, as connoisseurs of the art of bookmaking, our priority must be to find the absolute highest value for each dollar invested. Before we present a budget, each enhancement is carefully discussed, quoted and cataloged to make an educated, tight budget for a wise investment.

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The Ten Commandments of Art Book Design

Designing an art book is like hanging an exhibition. Nothing is left to chance.

In modern graphic design, as in modern art, rules are made to be broken. Creativity cannot be stymied by archaic do’s and don’ts. But the rules (like the tools and media) must be mastered before they can be challenged creatively and effectively. For example, Pablo Picasso had a better understanding of human anatomy than most medical doctors.

Design of an art book is entirely different from publication or advertising graphic design. The “Ten Commandments” en force in our studio did not come from a college textbook. Rather, they were distilled from actual comments from our clients as well as some of the top designers whose visions we helped make reality.

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